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December 2023
  1. 04 DecAdded ability to set "Cash Flow Statement Group" on custom control account for employees
  2. 03 DecAdded support for attachments in "Fixed Assets" and "Intangible Assets" tabs
  3. 02 DecWhen order amount on "Sales Order" or "Purchase Order" is zero, automatically mark the transaction as "Invoiced"
  4. 02 DecAdded "Batch Create" and "Batch Update" to "Goods Receipts" tab
  5. 02 DecAdded optional "Sales Quote" column to "Sales Invoices" tab
  6. 02 DecAdded new API endpoints and "Access Tokens" screen
October 2023
  1. 21 OctAdded "Qty available", "Qty to be available" and "Qty to order" columns to “Inventory Items”
  2. 18 OctEnhanced autofill mechanism for custom fields
  3. 17 OctImproved calculation for "Qty to receive" and "Qty to deliver" under "Inventory Items" tab
  4. 11 OctAdded ability to create custom fields for "Bank Reconciliations" tab
  5. 11 OctAdded optional address columns under "Edit Columns" for "Customers" and "Suppliers" tabs
  6. 08 OctAdded ability to sort by "Attachment" column
July 2023
  1. 26 JulAdded option to use SMTP port 465 in "Email Settings"
  2. 13 JulAdded new "Currency Revaluations" tab and new report "Foreign Currency Revaluation Worksheet"
  3. 05 JulAdded ability to set exchange rate on "Purchase Invoice" and "Debit Note" level
  4. 02 JulAdded "Exchange Rate" field to foreign currency journal entries so exchange rate is specified on transaction-level
June 2023
  1. 26 JunAdded "Journal" view for all transactions
  2. 20 JunAdded ability to sort rows on "Uncategorized Payments" and "Uncategorized Receipts" screens
  3. 20 JunOn quotes, orders and invoices, hide "zero" amounts under "Price" column when discount column is activated
  4. 16 JunAdded sorting and "Edit Columns" function to all batch create pending recurring transaction screens
  5. 15 JunAdded "Batch Create" and "Batch Update" to "Projects" tab
  6. 13 JunWhen drilling-down into "Retained Earnings" account, individual transactions are shown with "Profit and Loss Account" column
  7. 12 JunImproved custom fields so when "Hide total amount" is checked on number custom fields, totals will not be shown in tab view
  8. 10 JunAdded "New Delivery Note" button when viewing quantity to deliver on sales order
May 2023
  1. 24 MayAdded ability to see lines across all debit notes and goods receipts
  2. 24 MayAdded ability to see purchase quote and order lines across all sales quotes and orders at once
  3. 24 MayAdded ability to see lines across all expense claims, credit notes and delivery notes
  4. 24 MayAdded ability to create custom fields on lines within expense claims
  5. 08 MayAdded ability to see sales quote and order lines across all sales quotes and orders at once
  6. 08 MayAdded batch operations to "Depreciation Entries" and "Amortization Entries" tabs
  7. 06 MayAdded ability to see receipt and payment lines across all receipts and payments at once
April 2023
  1. 26 AprAdded "Advanced Search" to all tabs
  2. 25 AprAdded optional "Receipts" and "Payments" columns under "Customers" and "Suppliers" tabs
  3. 25 AprAdded "Investment Summary" report to assist with calculation of unrealized gains as at specific date
  4. 20 AprAdded ability to see invoice lines across all invoices at once
  5. 19 AprAdded optional "Cleared" date column to "Receipts" and "Payments" tabs
  6. 13 AprAdded yellow notice about uncategorized transactions under "Receipts" and "Payments" tab
  7. 11 AprAdded ability to detect duplicates of transaction references and codes
  8. 06 AprAdded support for footers in expense claims
  9. 05 AprAdded ability to set custom title on credit notes and payslips
  10. 04 AprAdded "Amount" column to recurring transaction screens under "Settings" tab
  11. 03 AprAdded "Edit Columns" functionality to all recurring transaction screens under "Settings" tab
  12. 03 AprImproved payslip items so they can be marked as "Inactive"
March 2023
  1. 30 MarAdded multi-currency support to "Investments" tab
  2. 30 MarAdded optional "Withholding tax" column to "Sales Invoices" and "Purchase Invoices" tabs
  3. 20 MarAdded optional "Days to Due Date" column to "Sales Invoices" and "Purchase Invoices" tab
  4. 18 MarAdded ability to link attachments or set image for projects
  5. 18 MarImplemented sticky columns when scrolling down
  6. 18 MarAdded ability to show "Inventry Location" column under "Inventory Write-offs" tab
  7. 18 MarAdded "Qty" column to "Delivery Notes" and "Goods Receipts" tabs
  8. 16 MarAdded ability to create custom fields on journal entry lines
  9. 15 MarAdded "Project" and "Division" columns to "Sales Invoices" tab
  10. 15 MarAdded ability to "Edit Columns" on Sales Invoices
  11. 14 MarAdded ability to attach images to fixed and intangible assets
  12. 14 MarAdded ability to attach image to customers, suppliers and employees
  13. 14 MarAdded "Image" column to indicate if image is attached to a transaction
  14. 12 MarAdded ability to "Edit Columns" on Inventory Items
  15. 11 MarImproved delivery status for sales and purchase orders so it shows when order is overdelivered or over received
  16. 11 MarAdded ability to create custom fields on investments
  17. 11 MarAdded "Days Overdue" column to "Purchase Invoices" tab
  18. 10 MarAdded columns showing number of quotes, orders and credit notes on "Customers" tab
  19. 10 MarAdded ability to "Edit Columns" on Customers
  20. 10 MarAdded ability to "Edit Columns" on Suppliers and Purchase Invoices
  21. 08 MarAdded ability to "Edit Columns" on Sales Orders and Purchase Orders
  22. 07 MarAdded ability to "Edit Columns" on Bank Accounts
  23. 06 MarAdded ability to "Edit Columns" on Sales Quotes and Purchase Quotes
  24. 03 MarAdded ability to "Edit Columns" on Production Orders
  25. 02 MarAdded ability to "Edit Columns" on Projects and Investments
  26. 01 MarAdded ability to "Edit Columns" on Bank Reconciliation and Billable Time
  27. 01 MarAdded ability to "Edit Columns" on Employees
February 2023
  1. 19 FebAdded ability to "Edit Columns" on Fixed Assets and Intangible Assets
  2. 18 Feb Added ability to "Edit Columns" on Capital Accounts and Special Accounts
  3. 17 FebAdded ability to "Edit Columns" on Expense Claims, Late Payment Fees and Withholding Tax Receipts
  4. 16 Feb Added ability to "Edit Columns" on Credit Notes and Debit Notes
  5. 16 Feb Added ability to "Edit Columns" on Payments, Receipts and Inter Account Transfers
  6. 16 FebAdded ability to "Edit Columns" on Inventory Transfers, Inventory Write-offs and Payslips
  7. 16 FebAdded ability to "Edit Columns" on Delivery Notes and Goods Receipts
  8. 16 FebAdded ability to "Edit Columns" on Journal Entries, Depreciation Entries and Amortization Entries
January 2023
  1. 22 JanAdded support for "PATCH" http verb when using API
  2. 20 JanWhen using "Copy to" function, ensure custom fields in source document are merged properly with those set in form defaults
  3. 19 JanImproved custom titles when copying between document types
December 2022
  1. 24 DecRemoved "Billable Expenses" as a tab
  2. 19 DecImproved "Inventory Transfers" tab so inventory locations are shown in columns
  3. 14 DecImproved batch operations to support custom fields and nested line items better
  4. 01 DecAdded ability to show item images on quotes, orders and invoices
  5. 01 DecAdded ability to upload images within edit screens
October 2022
  1. 31 OctAdded support for custom fields in "Depreciation Entries" and "Amortization Entries" tabs
  2. 27 OctImproved invoice mini-statement so custom title from receipt or payment is shown instead of generic "Receipt" and "Payment" terms
  3. 25 OctAdded ability to set quantity on journal entries when adjusting investments
  4. 24 OctAdded ability to set custom title on sales orders
  5. 23 OctImproved cash flow statement so custom general ledger accounts can be also defined as "cash and cash equivalents"
  6. 22 OctWhen matching payment against invoice in different currency, show both transaction amount and invoice amount on balance mini-statement
  7. 21 OctImproved exchange rates so they can be entered in base rate or counter rate
  8. 10 Oct Improved cash flow statement so journal entries can be marked as "cash transactions" for cash flow statement purposes
September 2022
  1. 26 SepAdded ability to create custom fields under "Projects" tab
  2. 01 SepImproved "Amount in words" function so the currency names are also shown
  3. 01 SepAdded support for additional languages when displaying amounts in written words
August 2022
  1. 30 AugAdded ability to create custom control accounts for investments
  2. 28 AugAdded "Autofill - Sales - Division" field to inventory and non-inventory items
  3. 23 AugAdded ability to create recurring sales and purchase orders
  4. 23 AugAdded ability to import bank statements in CAMT.053 format
  5. 23 AugAdded ability to create recurring sales quotes
  6. 22 AugRemoved "Form Defaults" from "Settings" tab and added "Form Defaults" button to functional tabs instead
  7. 22 AugImproved "Settings" screen so unused modules are shown in separate section
  8. 21 AugAdded ability to create recurring receipts and payments
  9. 20 AugAdded "Copy to" button to journal entry view screen
  10. 20 AugAdded ability to create custom fields on lines within "Inventory Transfers" transaction
  11. 19 AugAdded ability to create multiple value custom fields
  12. 17 AugAdded ability to create new custom field as a checkbox
  13. 17 AugAdded ability to create "Recurring Inter Account Transfers"
  14. 16 AugAdded ability to have custom field type on individual lines within transactions
  15. 15 AugAdded ability to set default hourly rate for billable time on customer level
  16. 12 AugAdded ability to create custom fields in receipts and payments on individual lines
  17. 12 AugImproved billable time so custom fields captured on billable time flow to sales invoice lines
  18. 12 AugAdded ability for custom fields on individual lines to copy across transaction types when using "Copy to" function
  19. 10 AugAdded option to SMTP server settings to support international delivery format
  20. 10 AugAdded support for "Footers" in payments, receipts, inter-account transfers, payslips and journal entries
  21. 09 AugMoved "Themes" under "Obsolete Features" but themes will continue to be working like before
  22. 08 AugAdded "Can have pending transactions" checkbox for "Bank and Cash Accounts" tab
  23. 06 AugReorganized "Settings" tab
July 2022
  1. 31 JulAdded ability to clone lines on "Edit" screens
  2. 30 JulAdded ability to show line numbers on printed documents for Goods Receipts, Delivery Notes, Payments, Receipts and Credit/Debit Notes
  3. 27 JulAdded "Footers" screen to "Settings" tab which allows to set pre-defined content that can be appended to printed documents
  4. 25 JulAdded ability to add "Line number" column to invoices, orders and quotes
  5. 24 JulAdded ability to configure autofill line descriptions for custom accounts within Chart of Accounts
  6. 19 JulAdded notice to user interface when obscure mode is enabled
  7. 15 JulAdded "Groups to Collapse" option to "Summary" screen
  8. 13 JulAdded ability to mark foreign currencies as inactive
  9. 12 JulAdded search function on list of businesses screen
  10. 12 JulIf appropriate, show account codes on printed documents along with account names
  11. 12 JulAdded "Withholding tax" option to purchase/sales quotes & orders
  12. 11 JulMake it optional whether to show tax amount column on printed documents
  13. 10 JulAdded ability to hide "Balance due" when viewing sales and purchase invoices
  14. 10 Jul When copying to new sales invoice, autofill default customer due date
  15. 05 JulAdded ability to specify whether item name should show on printed documents
  16. 04 JulAdded ability to show tax amounts on invoices for individual line items
  17. 04 JulMake invoice and order numbers show on Goods Receipts if linked
  18. 04 JulAdded ability to enter discounts on receipts and payments
  19. 01 JulAdded "Qty" column total when viewing delivery note or goods receipt
  20. 01 JulAdded ability to use SMTP servers with self-signed TLS certificates to send emails
June 2022
  1. 20 JunAdded "Net Sales" column to "Taxable Sales Per Customer" report
  2. 12 JunNew receipts, payments and inter-account transfers have cleared status set on the same date by default
  3. 09 JunAdded ability to show custom field at the top of printed documents
  4. 08 JunTo avoid duplicate cost issue, project on purchase invoice can be now selected only if it's not linked to purchase order
  5. 08 JunAdded ability to set default due date on customer form for sales invoices
  6. 07 JunAdded "Default tax code" checkbox when setting up accounts in Chart of Accounts
  7. 04 JunAdded cost amount column to "Inventory Write-off" views
  8. 03 JunShow expense account names on depreciation and amortization views
  9. 02 JunAdded ability to include amount rule within payment and receipt rules
  10. 01 JunAdded ability to mark custom control accounts inactive