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Custom Fields

The Custom Fields screen under the Settings tab is a versatile feature that allows you to create additional information fields of your choice for various forms and records. You can use this option to add extra layers of information to your documents. This screen provides flexibility to meet your unique business needs. Custom fields can be applied to various areas including Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Inventory items, and more.

Custom Fields

Text Custom Fields

Text Custom Fields enable you to add textual information to your records. This could be comments, notes, or any other relevant textual data.

Number Custom Fields

Number Custom Fields are meant for numerical values. You might use this for quantities, balances, amounts or other numerical data.

Checkbox Custom Fields

Checkbox Custom Fieldsfields are useful for binary choices, e.g., Yes/No or True/False situations.

Date Custom Fields

Date Custom Fields are useful when you need to attach a specific date to a record, this field comes in handy.

Multiple Value Custom Fields

Multiple Value Custom Fields are for times when you need a dropdown list of predefined values, the multiple value custom field is your best choice.

Classic Custom Fields

Classic Custom Fields was previous implementation of custom fields which should not be used anymore. If you have created classic custom fields before, you can no longer find them under Custom Fields. Instead they have been moved under Settings tab then Obsolete Features then Classic Custom Fields.

Obsolete Features
Classic Custom Fields

On Classic Custom Fields screen you can upgrade them to new custom field types by clicking Upgrade button.