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The Customers tab is where you can add, organize, and manage the details of all customers involved in your business. This tab displays information such as the customer's code, name, email, billing address and more. It also provides financial data about customer's - such as their transaction history, balances, and credit limits.


New Customer

To create new customer, click New Customer button.

CustomersNew Customer
  • Name is the legal or billing name of the customer
  • Code is a short alphabetic or numeric designation of your customer. If used, the code will appear after the customer’s name on transactions.
  • Credit limit is informational. If used, you can use Available credit column under the Customers tab.
  • Currency in which the customer operates can be selected if a foreign currency has been defined for the business. Transactions for the customer will be denominated in the designated currency.
  • Billing address should be the mailing address of the customer.
  • Delivery address is optional. This field appears only when the Delivery Notes tab is enabled and will be used on delivery notes.
  • Email is where documents will be emailed to the customer from within the program.
  • Division allows you to assign a Customer to a specific division of the business. An unassigned customer will belong to the entire business. The field appears only if Divisions are created in the Settings tab.
  • Control account allows you to assign the customer to any custom control account made up of customers. Accounts receivable is the default. This field appears only if at least one custom control account for customers is defined.
  • Starting balance field is used when starting balance of a customer is in credit. If customer has unpaid sales invoices, then their starting balance will be in debit and you need to create their unpaid sales invoices under Sales Invoices tab individually.
  • The Autofill - Sales Invoice - Due date checkbox allows you to set default due date for new sales invoices when issued to this particular customer.

Edit columns

By default, you will see the following columns:

NameAccounts receivableStatus
Name Name of Customer
Accounts receivable Customer balance which includes all Sales Invoices, Credit Notes, Payments, Receipts and other transactions.
Status Indicator whether customer owes money

Use Edit columns button to customize what columns should be visible under Customers tab.

Edit columns

Clicking Edit columns button allows you to add additional columns to better suit your business requirements.

Code Customer code
Email address Email address of Customer
Control account This is useful if you are using custom control accounts
Division Division to which customer belongs to
Receipts Number of Receipts associated with this Customer
Payments Number of Payments associated with this Customer
Sales Quotes Number of Sales Quotes issued to this Customer
Sales Orders Number of Sales Orders received from this Customer
Sales Invoices Number of Sales Invoices issued to this Customer
Credit Notes Number of Credit Notes issued to this Customer