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Depreciation Entries

The Depreciation Entries tab is a feature for tracking the reduction in the value of the company's fixed assets over their expected useful life.

Depreciation Entries53

Depreciation Calculation Worksheet

Even though Depreciation Entries tab allows manual entries, typically you would use Depreciation Calculation Worksheet under Reports tab to calculate the figures for you.

Depreciation Calculation Worksheet

Edit columns

By default, you will see the following columns:

Date Date of Depreciation Entry
Description Description of Depreciation Entry
Amount Amount on Depreciation Entry

Use Edit columns button to customize what columns should be visible under Depreciation Entries tab.

Edit columns

Clicking Edit columns button allows you to add additional columns to better suit your business requirements.

Reference Reference number of Depreciation Entry
Fixed Assets List of associated Fixed Assets
Divisions List of Divisions this Depreciation Entry affects.