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Expense Claims

The Expense Claims tab allows to manage and track expenses that employees or members have paid for out of their pocket, but which are meant to be reimbursed by the business or organization. Users can enter individual claims, detailing the amount, description, and other relevant information about the expense. Once recorded, these claims can then be processed for reimbursement. This feature ensures accurate tracking of such out-of-pocket expenses, making sure they are accounted for in the organization's financials and that employees/members get reimbursed appropriately.

Expense Claims56

New Expense Claim

To create new expense claim, click New Expense Claim button.

Expense ClaimsNew Expense Claim

Edit columns

By default, you will see the following columns:

DatePaid byPayeeDescriptionAmount
Date Date of Expense Claim
Paid by Name of Employee, Capital Account or other Payer who paid the expense
Payee Name of supplier or other payee who was paid
Description Description of Expense Claim
Amount Amount paid

Use Edit columns button to customize what columns should be visible under Expense Claims tab.

Edit columns

Clicking Edit columns button allows you to add additional columns to better suit your business requirements.

Reference Reference number of Expense Claim
Accounts Names of Accounts where the amount paid was categorized into