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The Payslips tab is used to manage and distribute employee salaries. It allows you to create individual payslips that detail earnings, deductions and contributions.


New Payslip

To create new payslip, click New Payslip button.

PayslipsNew Payslip

Edit columns

By default, you will see the following columns:

DateEmployeeGross payDeductionNet payContribution
Date Date of Payslip
Employee Name of Employee this Payslip has been issued to
Gross pay Payslip Earnings Items total on the Payslip
Deduction Payslip Deduction Items total on the Payslip
Net pay This is Gross pay minus Deduction
Contribution Payslip Contribution Items total on the Payslip

Use Edit columns button to customize what columns should be visible under Payslips tab.

Edit columns

Clicking Edit columns button allows you to add additional columns to better suit your business requirements.

Reference Reference number of Payslip
Description Description of Payslip