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Purchase Invoices

The Purchase Invoices tab is where you enter invoices received from suppliers. They increase the balance of the supplier’s subaccount in Accounts payable.

Purchase Invoices112

New Purchase Invoice

To create new purchase invoice, click New Purchase Invoice button.

Purchase InvoicesNew Purchase Invoice

Edit columns

By default, you will see the following columns:

Issue dateReferenceSupplierDescriptionInvoice AmountBalance dueStatus
Issue date When was Purchase Invoice issued by Supplier
Reference Reference number of Purchase Invoice
Supplier Name of Supplier who issed this Purchase Invoice
Description Description of Purchase Invoice
Invoice Amount Total amount on Purchase Invoice
Balance due Invoice Amount minus Payments or other transactions
Status Indicating whether Purchase Invoice has been paid

Use Edit columns button to customize what columns should be visible under Purchase Invoices tab.

Edit columns

Clicking Edit columns button allows you to add additional columns to better suit your business requirements.

Due date Date by which the Purchase Invoice needs to be paid
Purchase Order Associated Purchase Order with this Purchase Invoice
Withholding tax Withholding tax amount on this Purchase Invoice
Days to Due Date How many days left to Due date
Days overdue How many days past Due date